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What is ScootAm?

Every freestyle scooter rider wants to be promoted and featured on the big scooter websites and YouTube channels. Unfortunately, if you're not a pro rider or an extremely talented and fortunate amateur rider with industry connections, you're going to have a tough time getting published on one of the leading scooter blogs. Sponsored riders often have their videos and photos promoted by their sponsors, but if you're not a sponsored rider, how can you get yourself promoted to a large audience? The answer is ScootAm! As long as you're not a pro rider, you can have your videos, photos, event results, and other announcements promoted on ScootAm.

ScootAm does not intend to compete with any of the big scooter blogs. Instead, we aim to showcase those talented up-and-coming riders that need help getting promoted.

Watch the What Is ScootAm? introduction video to find out more!

How does it work?

If you have a video, photos, event results, sponsorship announcements, or other general announcements that you'd like to promote through ScootAm, just submit your information using the Submit Promo form. There's no need to create an account, just enter your information and submit! You can even specify a preferred release date for your promo. Within a day or two, our moderators will review your submission, make any edits necessary, and, as long as it doesn't contain any grossly inappropriate material, your content will be promoted on ScootAm for all the world to see!

Why do we do it?

ScootAm's staff believes that there is a lot of great talent in the scooter world that is under represented. We know that it's difficult for amateur and beginner riders to get their videos, photos, and announcements seen by more than just a few friends and family members. ScootAm is, and always will be, a free service for riders to promote their content to a larger audience than they would otherwise have an opportunity to broadcast to. ScootAm gives you the tools to help promote yourself!

Does ScootAm sponsor riders?

ScootAm is not a sponsor so we do not have a team of riders. But, anyone who qualifies can have themselves promoted on the site. In that sense, we help promote far more riders than we could if we were a sponsor. One of our goals is to provide a resource for sponsors to find new talent, so simply posting your promos to ScootAm could help increase your chances of getting sponsored.

Why do I need to provide contact information for my submitted promo?

If we have a question about your promo, we'll need a way to contact you. ScootAm will not sell or share your contact information with anyone else.

Interested in advertising on ScootAm?

We are not accepting advertising at this time.