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Serious About Sponsorship? - Presented by War Scooters

Noah Kelleher's dream

  1. I am a 11 and I would love to be sponsered by you because it would be a chance to show people what Iam really made of.
  2. Also I would like to be sponsered because scootering is the only sport I do so I would like to be successful while being a scooterer.
  3. As scootering is my only hobbie u would try and stop at nothing till I get the tricks that I Want to learn
  4. I have never tried or attempted to be sponsered so I will be happy if I do get sponsered.
  5. I would also be honoured to be picked to be riding for your sick company

Jack Graham

Sydney Australia

I am good scooter Rider some tricks I can do are                       

Double whip flat, Bri flip,triple tail whip,

I'm working on my back flips and flairs also my buttercups.

I didn't really have any good photos so I just went outside and that photo was me doing a whip rewind on my ramp






Robbie McTyer: Scooter kid, 6, does favourite tricks

NSW, Australia

Hi, my name is Robbie McTyer and I am a six-year-old scooter kid from New South Wales, Australia.  I love watching clips and I want to share a video of my favourite tricks with you.

I came second at the Australian scooter nationals 7s and Under in 2016. 

I won my first scooter competition when I was five years old.  This was the 7s and Under group of an Australian Scooter Association state qualifier at Monsters Skate Park at Sydney’s Olympic Park in 2015. 

I love competitions because you get to meet awesome kids and you get to watch the best riders in Australia do amazing tricks. They are so much fun and you learn so much.

I love learning from the big kids at the skate parks that I go to.  They are always so helpful and friendly to me.  My parents have taken me and my brother to some of the coolest skate parks on the Australian East Coast, so check them out in my video!

If you enjoyed my clip, please like, share and comment.

And you can find me on Instagram: @robbiemctyer.

Thanks for watching!