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Serious About Sponsorship? - Presented by War Scooters

Scooter edit 2015 dylan jones

Victoria Melbourne Melton

I'm 20 years old I've been riding for around 2 years now would love to be sponsored one day, I ride whenever I have the spare time so pretty much all the time, my local skate park is Melton witch there are a few really good riders there, I've been learning new stuff as I watch them ride even playing scoot learning new tricks that I couldnt do thanks to my friends supporting me and making me try them, I have only entered on comp witch was in Melton and surprising I came first witch was a big thing for me and that being my first comp :)

Cameron Couch


im 12 years old, my best trick is 180 to 180 tailwhip out, my favorite trick is a 180 fakie whip, some tricks I can do are barspin, heelwhip, 360, opposite bar, clamp tap, ghost whip, tailwhip catch, fakie bar, fakie whip, fakie clamp tap, feeble, 5050 sometimes, hurricane I hope I can get sponsored 

Jack Tyrrell - Victoria Park 2016




I am uploading this video clip of my 15 year old son, he was spotted by somebody in Victoria Park today and there was a suggestion made that he could do this professionally! Jack has been riding a scooter generally since he was 8, and has progressed into going to a variety of skateparks since he was about 10.

Jack has a real passion for scootering or SMX (Jack calls it this?!) and every spare moment - if it's not raining  he is at the outdoor skate park where we live. I think if there is a chance Jack could do this more in a professional way, take part in competitions etc then I want to get him out there and noticed! 

See what you guys think....