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Promo Tips

If you're looking for suggestions on how to improve your promo quality and exposure, then you've come to the right place! Follow these recommendations to produce better videos and photos, write better press releases, and get your promos featured.

How can ensure that my promos will be published on ScootAm? Are there any rules regarding content that could disqualify my promo from being published?

The best way to ensure that your promos will be approved is to create the best quality content you can. Whether it's a video, photos, an announcement, or a combination of those, taking the time to make your promo submission as professional as possible will make it easy for ScootAm moderators to approve your content. Grossly inappropriate content containing drug use, underage alcohol or tobacco use, violence, or hate speech (racial, sexual, or otherwise) will disqualify your promo from being approved. Also, if the quality is extremely low, your promo may not be approved. That's not to say that your content has to be produced by a professional studio, but you should take the time to produce your content as good as you can. If you don't have the means to do it yourself, try to get help from a friend or family member.

How can I improve my chances to get my promo selected as a featured promo on ScootAm?

Promos are selected to be featured at the discretion of ScootAm moderators. A rider or vendor cannot pay or coerce a moderator into selecting a promo to be featured. The only influence you can have on whether or not your promo is chosen to be featured is to create the best, most interesting and professional, high-quality content you can. If a video and/or photos are extremely well produced and unique, the chances are good that it may be featured. If an announcement is extraordinary (e.g. "4 year old wins pro division!"), then it will have a better chance of being featured as well. The best chance you have of getting your promo featured is to put in your best effort possible during production.

What are Featured Promos?

If the moderators feel that a certain promo is exceptional, we will mark it as "featured" which will cause it to appear at the top of the home page feed for a week from the published date and it will permanently appear on the Featured Promos page. Whether or not a promo gets featured is at the discretion of the moderators only. Requests for a promo to be featured will have no effect on the moderators' decisions.

How you can help promote yourself?

As long as you consistently use the same name when submitting your promos (the auto-complete field should help ensure that), you will have your own page with all of your pobulished promos to share with others on ScootAm. Just click on your name in any of your promos to get to a page with a URL similar to this:

In addition to your own ScootAm page, all promos are automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook, so you can always retweet and share your promos from the ScootAm Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What if I don't have high-quality camera and video gear?

That's okay! The quality of your work is about doing the best that you can with what you have. Your creativity and attention to detail will shine through regardless of whether your video is high-definition or not. One of the most popular motorcycle videos of all time is "On Any Sunday" which was released in 1971, long before HD cameras, and it still holds up to this day as a great video! Here are some links to help you improve your videos:

Can promos be submitted on behalf of other riders?

Absolutely! As long as the content is public information (public videos, photos, etc.), you can help your friends by submitting promos on their behalf.