Josh Smith - Insta edit


I’m looking for a sponsor as I just left my current sponsor and I hoping to be able to ride and promote a company who would love to have me also promote them through Instagram my isntagram is And I’m hoping someone will want me on their team please email at (contact ScootAm for email) if you want me I’m hoping to be a great help.

Jayden Fridd Best Of Edit

Cleve, South Australia

Hello to whom is watching my name is Jayden Fridd and i'm from a small town of Cleve, South Australia. I am a passionate scooter rider and i am looking to progress the sport. with your sponsorship this may let me be able to achieve that. I have a good following and currently am an ambassador for a local clothing brand. i have got an awesome edit in the works which will be released in the near future.
thanks jayden