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How To Get Your Promo Featured

I was recently asked how a rider could get his submitted promo featured on ScootAm. The simple answer is that there is nothing you can do to get your promo featured. ScootAm administrators select certain promos to be featured based on the administrator's subjective opinion. However, there are things you can do to improve your chances of having your video published as a featured promo on ScootAm.

First, just to clear up any misunderstandings, we approve all submitted promos as long as they aren't egregiously inappropriate. A featured promo is a promo that we have decided is exceptional and would like to call extra attention to. Featured promos appear on the Featured Promos page and they are denoted with a special star icon and distinctive border to indicate that they are featured. You can think of them like the best of the best promos submitted to ScootAm, but "best" is a little subjective.

Featured promos don't necessarily feature only the top riders. Take a look at these tips for how to increase the likelihood of your promo being selected as a featured promo:

Be Creative, Be Different

ScootAm moderators see a lot of promos, so you want your video to stand out. Some promos get a quick scan review and some get an intense review and discussion by administrators. Those promos, both photos and videos, that stand out get more attention and are therefore more likely to be featured, so get creative! Do something different! Find inspiration in places other than the scooter world. If you've seen 100 videos that start out with bails, it's pretty unlikely that your video is going to stand out if it follows that same pattern. Be creative, think outside the box, and buck the trends. Be yourself and be unique.

Do the Best that You Can Do, Everytime

If you don't have a $5,000 camera and the most powerful Mac with Final Cut Pro, that's okay. You don't need to be Warren Miller to make a good sports video. You just need to take the time to do the best job you can. If your promo description includes phrases like, "Sorry for the bad quality, I was too lazy to reshoot" or "I'm not sure why the video quality was bad", then you aren't submitting your best work and it's probably not going to be featured. Whatever skills you have, whatever equipment you have, use them the best of your ability and make the best video production that you can each and every time. People will be able to see the effort you put into your video. You can feel the work put into a video and it makes the video more interesting to watch. These suggestions apply to photos as well.

Make More Promos and then Keep Making More...and then Make Another

The more promos you make, videos and photos, the more practice you get at filming/shooting and post-production. You'll learn what works, what doesn't work, and you'll learn to experiment and find your own unique voice and style. The more you produce, the more exposure you get and the more likely you are to have one of your promos featured by ScootAm. Just like with sponsors, you'll never know exactly what will catch the eye of ScootAm administrators, so producing more promos increases your chances of being featured.

Go Bigger

You can increase your chances of getting featured by going bigger. I don't mean go bigger than everyone else. I mean go bigger than your previous promos. Always push yourself and take it up a notch every time you ride. You may not think people watching your videos will know, but they will. You'll stand out by giving it all you've got because that takes courage and heart and viewers can see that. Make sure your promos always go to eleven. :)

Be a Pro, Even When You're an Amateur

This goes along with "Do the Best that You Can Do, Everytime" from above, but it's a bit more technical in that it refers to the details of your productions and how you represent yourself. Let's compare these two made up rider introductions:

  • can u sponser me i will rep ur company i can whip bar and bri plz get back to me fast
  • Hi, my name is Steve and I've been scootering for 3 years. I've placed in the top 5 in three of my last five competitions. I'm looking to get more exposure for my riding. If you're looking for riders to promote {company name}, I'd love to be a representative for your company. Please take a look at the videos I've linked below as well as my attached rider resume. Thank you for your time. ~ Steve Marshall

Which one of those introductions do you think is more likely to get serious consideration from a sponsor? You'd be surprised how many emails I get from riders that write emails that sound like the first example. Be professional. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation matters. It really, really makes a difference.

When you begin to produce your next promo, regardless of whether it's a photo or video, take these tips into account and try to create the best, most unique, most professional promo that you can and watch how the response from your viewers will improve over your last promo. And then do it again.